Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I’m Jason.

The woods surround you. Have you been here before? The sun has gone down. Only a small bit of light comes around the corners of the earth to see you, illuminating only enough to make out the shape of the place you stand in. there are many trees. Lots of yellow brush on the ground. A few very large rocks. Can you hear water? I hear water. Lets go find it.
Follow the sound. Your feet lift and walk. You find that your legs are sore. How long must you have been standing in that spot?
How did you get here?

Do you remember how you came here?
Who are you?
I’m Jason.
Ok, we know your name.

you walk outside of the field you stood within, into the trees that surround you. They have grown taller as you’ve gone nearer to them. Are there birds up there? They’re so quiet. They must be sitting in their nests with their babies right now, dark, big fat birds, beginning to sleep away the night
into the trees, below their cover. Follow your path
you’re following your instincts
what told you to do this? Nothing did, you just started following your feelings in a direction
as if you know you were meant to from the beginning

water becomes louder

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