Wednesday, September 8, 2010


im in fucking love with the city i made up in my head that i want to live in and its PROBABLY not new york and its DEFINITELY not chicago but it IS This: a lot of weed. a million little brats to get into trouble with, a small white blue trimmed house in the middle of a largely populated section of a city that is similar to carmel CA, mindecino or nevada city. Maybe its san fransisco. the house is 1 story, and all the buildings around it are at least two if not 15, and there are green vines coming off of it in sparatic places. I am inside, with my cats, my books, my career, and my children. 1 boy and 1 girl. they watch movies like 'the mascot,' that old stop animation with the devils and the oranges, and don't even know the word disney, pop tart, mcdonalds or... ok maybe they will. but they'll also know its bad. i'll tell them that when we EAT it together. Jimmy will be there teaching them ti quan do and jew jits sue. and jimmy's kids will come visit maybe.

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