Saturday, September 4, 2010

carls face is a screaming white tiger

he was leaving
when he came around the door to peak at me
i hid
he came forward
i went forward and he retreated around the door
i looked over the door
saw him
making the same face
he came forward quickly and i went back a little and his face came close and in my mind i saw a screaming white tiger, a species i'd never seen before-a fishlike muscly leafy tentacle mouth things all around its face opening like a flower, different little black marks on some of them in different places, yellow eyes, pink gums and big long sharp teeth, tongue, frizzled nose, screaming looking at me in place of carls face
and then he was carl again and my head was on his shoulder lips placed to his neck
i made a quick sob noise in fear but he didn't notice what it was i think i hope, i reminded myself to smile and not to fear anything

he stepped away and i asked 'are you a lizard?' and he said 'ha, nooo' and looked down. 'I think you're a lizard' i said and he replied looking up at me 'well i do think i have some of the blood' and i said 'i think you do to, because, i see things, and, your face was weird'

as he stepped down the steps sortof falling in different directions because we were both stoned he looked up at me kindof laughing, 'that's cool,' he shook his finger looked away a bit and back 'that you said that about me.' he smiled and walked down the stairs falling in different directions

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